Profile Guideline:

  • No Nudity.
  • Any pictures/videos that you do not own or have the rights to are not allowed to be uploaded. Period.
  • Any impersonators will be removed from the site immediately. Be you, you’re beautiful.
  • No sexual acts or suggestive material.
  • No product placement or advertising of any form. Seriously.
  • Your profile picture/description must not have any form of external link.
  • Any form of racism, harassment, or offensive behaviour is not cool or accepted.
  • No mention or suggestion of drugs (or paraphernalia) will be tolerated.
  • All users MUST be over the age of 18.

Follow the guidelines and make Talko Inc. a safe and fun community for everyone. We receive the right to ban any/all users who do not follow the aforementioned guidelines.

—Talko Inc.