Brazil's LGBTQ rights movement experienced a sharp setback this week when a federal judge overturned the country's ban on anti-gay conversion therapy. On Tuesday, Judge Waldemar Cláudio de Carvalho ruled in favor of a psychologist whose practice was terminated in 2016 for offering the discredited "gay cure" therapy.
She may not want, or be able to talk about it. If you've never been sexually assaulted, chances are you'll never really understand it the way an actual victim does. Unfortunately, most of us know at least one woman who's been raped or assaulted or harassed in some way.
Nattalie Gordon / Curvemag
With the murder of gay men by the extremist group ISIS (or Daesh) in the Middle East, a group of volunteers have formed a LGBT-centric military unit in Northern Syria called the Queer Insurrection and Liberation Army (or TQILA), to take the fight to them.
LGBTQ Indians got the support of the India's Supreme Court as the latter recently issued a watershed ruling that declared the freedom of sexual orientation as a fundamental right. The high court judges issued the ruling last week in relation to the general right to privacy of Indian citizens- which include India's LGBTQ community.
The idea of blaming LGBT people for natural disasters isn't new, what with the Bible story of Sodom and Gomorrah. So it's no surprise that some Christian leaders are on an LGBT-blaming binge again with Hurricane Harvey. This despite the fact that there's thing called science and climate change.
As the NFL's first openly LGBT coach and the second full-time female coach, Katie Sowers is breaking boundaries with her selection as the San Francisco 49ers assistant coach. As the first out coach in any men's professional sports in the US, Katie has slowly climbed up to her current position on the strength of her experience and knowledge.
A new study out of American University has found that bisexuals are at "higher risk for poor mental health outcomes" due to what researchers are calling "double discrimination." "Bisexual people face double discrimination in multiple settings," research Ethan Mereish, an assistant professor at American University and the study's lead author.